Temecula Family Law Attorney

A family law dispute can affect your relationships with your children and your financial future. Most people entering into divorce or custody disputes understand the importance of the outcome of their cases — that's why they seek an experienced and aggressive attorney to handle their cases.

No matter what the complexity of your problem, at the Temecula, California, law firm of The Law Offices of John G. McGill, Jr., we will work to protect your immediate interests as well as your future relationships and financial security.

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Comprehensive Legal Solutions Focused On Your Complex Needs

From your first consultation through the final resolution of your case, your best interests are our top priority. Lawyer John G. McGill, Jr., will take the time to understand the unique circumstances of your case and develop a comprehensive legal solution that is tailored to your needs, addressing issues like:

  • Ensuring your child's needs are met through child support payments
  • Respecting your parental rights in the child custody and visitation process
  • Seeking spousal support if you are eligible

Family law and divorce cases can often be handled through mediation and negotiation; however, it is important that you work with an attorney who has the experience and skills to litigate your case if necessary. Mr. McGill has more than 30 years of experience handling family law cases and can effectively handle your case in or out of court.

Providing Practical Solutions For People With Cost Concerns

While our law firm strives to provide cost-effective representation, some people do not want to deal with the cost and time involved with working with an attorney. We are happy to recommend the Virtual Paralegal, where you will find all of the forms you need to resolve some family disputes quickly and efficiently.

Get An Experienced Attorney In Your Corner

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