Do-It-Yourself Modification of Family Law Orders in Temecula, California

Modifying Custody, Support or Alimony Without a Lawyer

The challenges of dealing with the court system after a divorce are almost as bad as when you went through the divorce in the first place. If you need to modify a court order after you've lost your job or if you feel that your former spouse or registered domestic partner ought to be paying more child support or alimony, just the thought of going through the process of submitting an order for modification can be daunting and expensive. Fortunately do-it-yourself modification of family law orders in Temecula, California, is now available with The Virtual Paralegal.

All of the forms you'll need are in The Virtual Paralegal's system and are ready for you to fill out. You will be guided through the whole process, step by step. The program prompts you to enter the information the courts will need to determine if your modification is reasonable. Once you have entered in all of the appropriate data, The Virtual Paralegal generates the right documents for you at the touch of a button. Then you can print them all out and take them to the Riverside County Superior Court to file your DIY custody modification or support modification. In some cases, the Virtual Paralegal may determine that your case is too complicated for basic filing and needs to be handled by an attorney. If this happens, you would be directed to a local family law professional.

The Virtual Paralegal can assist you with the following court-ordered modifications:

  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support

Do-It-Yourself Modification in Riverside County · Child Support and More

There is no need to pore over pages and pages of forms, not being sure what you have and haven't filled out correctly. The Virtual Paralegal will do all of that for you and will check to make sure you haven't missed something important.

The Virtual Paralegal is offered in English and Spanish and does everything that you would pay a lawyer to do at a fraction of the cost. All the muss and fuss about filing for court ordered modifications is taken out of the process by this easy to use and simple-to-understand system.

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