Do-It-Yourself Family Law Matters in Temecula, California

Do-It-Yourself Annulment in Temecula, California

Finding out that your spouse is not who or what they claim to be is not only disappointing; it leaves you in a bit of a bind. Going through all of the paperwork that a divorce requires is costly and unfair to you, as you were deceived to begin with. An annulment wipes all record of a marriage from the books as if it never happened, allowing you to keep everything that is yours and go forward with your life.

Getting an annulment requires special circumstances, like fraud or misrepresentation on the part of your spouse. The Virtual Paralegal has all of the forms you need to file for a DIY annulment in its programming in English and Spanish, and it can walk you through the entire process. It does all the hard work of making sure that the information required is filled out properly. You just print the completed legal documents and take them to the Riverside County Superior Court for filing, having spent considerably less than you would have on a lawyer.

Do-It-Yourself Restraining Orders in Riverside County

When someone is threatening you and your family, you feel powerless. Many people don't ask for help because they believe they will be laughed at or told that until there is more evidence, there is nothing the police can do to help them.

The Virtual Paralegal can help by walking you through the necessary steps to fill out all of the paperwork to file a restraining order in English or Spanish. It compiles the information and produces the legal documents for you to take to the courthouse. This gives you peace of mind that you have the protection of the law on your side, enabling you and your family to go on with your lives, in spite of the threat that you are living under.

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