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Same-Sex Laws in California

In California, we have two classes of same-sex relationships: people who qualify under domestic partnership laws and those who were lawfully married under the same sex laws. However, regardless of how you are legally classified, if you are involved in a relationship, you will likely struggle with many of the same issues every other couple faces.

If you are involved in a domestic partnership and are seeking divorce, it is important to work with a Temecula domestic partnership lawyer who has experience handling the legal nuances of domestic partnership matters and family law matters.

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The Supreme Court recently ruled that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states. This ruling gives married same-sex couples this same legal standing as married opposite same-sex couples. But it also means that same-sex married couples will need legal counsel to resolve many of the same issues that heterosexual couples face. We work with clients to create solutions tailored to their situations in situations involving:

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