Enforcing Your Rights After A Divorce

Circumstances change many times after a divorce. People get raises, move out of state, lose their jobs or suffer from a serious illness. That is why it becomes necessary for some people to modify their divorce or another family court decree.

In some instances, however, ex-spouses or parents simply stop obeying the terms of a decree. When this happens, you will need to assert your rights quickly to ensure your and your children's interests are protected. At The Law Offices of John G. McGill, Jr., in Temecula, California, we put our more than 30 years of family law experience to work for you.

Common Reasons For Taking Enforcement Action

Enforcing your rights or modifying the terms of your divorce is a difficult task. You will need to provide significant evidence to prove that your ex-spouse is violating the court order. Our law firm can help you gather evidence, including witness statements if necessary, to protect you and your child if:

  • Your child's other parent stopped making child support payments
  • Your ex-spouse stopped making alimony payments
  • Your ex-spouse refused to turn over property as part of the property division process
  • Your child's other parent refuses to let your child see you or return your child after visitation
  • You suspect your child is suffering from abuse at the hands of his or her other parent or stepparent
  • Your child's other parent is attempting to move out of state with your child without the court's approval

If found liable, judges can hand out penalties such as wage garnishments, liens, driver's license suspension or even being held in contempt of court.

Get An Attorney's Help For This Complicated Process

Do not try to enforce your rights alone. Talking to a lawyer like John G. McGill, Jr., will ensure you have someone in your corner who knows how the family court system works. Contact our law firm in Temecula today by calling 951-795-4186 or by sending us an email to schedule a consultation.