Temecula Domestic Violence Restraining Order Lawyer

Filing and Defending Domestic Violence Charges in California

Domestic violence is a plague. It has been and will remain a problem all over the world. In many situations, victims of domestic violence are in danger, and immediate legal attention is needed to protect them.

However, in an effort to protect innocent victims of domestic abuse, government programs have become stricter regarding their classifications of what is considered abuse. There is a fine line between abuse and a person who is simply yelling because he or she is angry.

At The Law Offices of John G. McGill, Jr., we have more than 30 years of experience working with men and women who are victims of abuse or false untrue allegations. When we work with individuals, we take the time to understand every detail of the situation, making sure we create a legal solution that is tailored to their needs.

Temporary Restraining Order

Many domestic violence arrests stem from the Domestic Violence Protection Act. Although it was designed to keep people from hurting each other or their children, it is often used improperly so one person can gain an advantage during custody hearings.

When people call the police with complaints of domestic violence, restraining orders can be awarded on an emergency basis, called ex parte. These temporary restraining orders are good for 21 days, and individuals must go back to court after three weeks to discuss their situations with the court and present evidence regarding why the temporary restraining order should or should not be made permanent.

If the restraining order becomes permanent, it can have serious consequences for the person against whom it is filed. There are implications with many federal laws, most notably not being allowed to have firearms. For police officers, people in the military or hunters, this can be devastating.

Contact an Experienced Riverside County Protective Order Attorney

If you are being abused, it is important to contact an experienced lawyer who can help you receive the protection you need. If your spouse filed a restraining order against you, and you both recognize the order was filed during a time of heated emotions, an experienced Temecula domestic violence restraining order attorney can help you find the protection you need from the legal system. Contact our firm online or call 951-795-4186 to schedule an initial assessment without charge.